When is a miracle not a miracle? When it's a Texas job's miracle.

The truth is that Texas' job creation record is actually one point below the national average, up to 30 other states are doing much better.

But if you don't mind working for minimum wage then fully a sixth of the jobs created under Governor Rick Perry will be just the ticket. Texas is the minimum wage capital of the nation.

The rest of the jobs appear to be government jobs created by the economic stimulus that Perry still swears didn't work, yet received billions from open handed.

But if you look at Perry's net job creation record between 2007 and 2010 it becomes clear that government jobs kept Texas solvent.

Since the economic stimulus Texas has added 125,000 public sector (government) jobs - nearly half of all government jobs created in this period nationwide. What would you call that if not a federal stimulus?

So, in fact, it turns out President Obama should really take the credit for the 'miracle.' I'm sure Ricj Perry will give him credit any day now.

Of course the truth is the Texas miracle has nothing to do with the state’s system of government or its leadership, it's mostly just dumb luck: they have oil and oil prices have exploded, that is all.

Far from something to celebrate, in the process Texas has become our own private China: they will undercut wages, strip worker protections, tell environmental protections to go hang and a myriad of other regulations that American workers used to insist on.

It's the miracle that isn't a miracle at all, it's a mirage.