Rick Perry
If you're going to call for the dismantling of a federal agency, it would help if you look like you don't actually need it. But at last night's GOP debate candidate  Rick Perry looked like a dim bulb, to put it charitably.

When asked Perry proudly claimed he would eliminate three federal agencies: Education, Commerce and the uh…uh…uh…

This man wants to be President of the United States. I don't think he'd make a good candidate for a Rotary Club.

It astounds me that we are even considering candidates this unfit, this ideologically extreme, this blatantly in favor of corporations over the public, these candidates who tailor their political positions to suit the whims of whoever might vote for them, but this is the 2012 GOP field.

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A candidate for President should know what he or she stands for and wants to say surely?

Have we reached the point where your affiliation, who you align yourself with, matters more to Americans voters than the positions you can actually remember you stand for?

It's not that much to ask that you take the time to discover what your policy positions are, surely? Shouldn't you know your own agenda?

Oops? I can't recall which federal agency I intend to eliminate, but I will see, you just watch me? I mean to say, for God sake, is that the best the GOP can offer us?

Rick Perry has said he believes the American Revolution was fought in the 16th century. He still wants the President to produce his birth certificate. He call's evolution a 'theory that's out there.' He has said that Juarez is the most dangerous city in America and that President Bush did a terrific job defending us from freedom.

If I was a GOP supporter I'd find it hard to even contemplate my options never mind pull the lever for them.