MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell had some sharp word for Bill O'Reilly's performance on The View yesterday afternoon.

O'Donnell was not impressed with the at times condescending manner in which O'Reilly addressed the ladies on the set. "They felt like they were being bullied," O'Donnell said, referring to Goldberg and Behar. "I support Whoopi and Joy."

Then, in an extraordinary from-the-heart speech, O'Donnell's fellow Irish American pundit Dylan Ratigan gave a phenomenal, heartfelt off the cuff speech about how America's political class and its all too credulous media have helped create the fallacy of America's "War with Islam."

America is not at war with Islam, Ratigan insisted, but comments like O'Reilly's and others deliberately confuse that fact for short term ends. 

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