In the Harry Potter alternative universe that is the acknowledged home of the floundering Tea Party, they have finally stopped comparing President Obama to the rogues gallery of lesser known tyrants.

Now they're just flat out saying he's Hitler. And Stalin. And the Anti-Christ. And other Really REALLY BAD things, you guys.

That means we can dispense with the blatant fiction that the Tea Party represents a legitimate political strand of the GOP anymore. Apparently what they really represent are arrested adolescents who express themselves as though they were still in junior high. With multiple exclamation marks, because they really really mean it!!!!!

On the main Tea Party web page this week the following web pages appeared: 'America's in Danger: Stand and Fight,' ran the headline. 'Prevent the Next Holocaust Right Here In America.'

The next Holocaust right here in America? Excuse me? Is this is the kind of operatic rhetoric they have to employ now to fire up the increasingly disinterested retirement communities that are the Tea Party's natural base? Because this is, it must be said, a new and completely objectionable level of barking mad.

'Now, all that we hold dear as Americans could be utterly annihilated,' screamed the Tea Party web page. 'Many say, 'Oh, that can’t happen here.'  Do NOT be a fool!!!!'

Again with the apostrophes.

'Time is critical. It is running out! That is why we have decided to stand up and fight with all the power we have!'

Stand and fight? What does this mean exactly? Are the Tea Party about to fire on Gettysburg?

Perhaps we should ask Matt Drudge of the 90's web relic the Drudge Report. Obama's measured response to the challenge of the Newtown school massacre gave Drudge a very nasty case of the vapors which resulted in his decision to place pictures comparing the president to - you guessed it - Hitler and Stalin on his front page. 

Are we seeing a trend? The Tea Party web page concludes that conservative politicians can no longer stop 'America’s Hitler,' so who does that leave? The South Park pensioners militia assembling in the town square?

What a difference having an African American president makes. Seriously!!!!!!