Bad news for Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin et al: President Barack Obama's approval rating is at its highest point in two years.

More than half of all Americans now say Obama deserves to be re-elected, according to the latest poll taken just after US forces targeted and successfully killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

The presidents standing has also improved on the economy, which is certain to give the 2012 GOP field the vapors.

On the eve of his trip to Ireland strong majorities of Americans now call Obama a strong leader and a remarkable 73 percent now say the president can handle terrorist threats.

Sixty-nine percent say Obama will keep America safe, up from 61 percent in March; 65 percent call him a "strong leader," up from 57 percent.

Sixty-three percent say Obama cares about people like them; 63 percent also say that he understands the problems of ordinary Americans.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who said he was 'proud' that he had pressured the President into releasing his long form birth certificate on the same weekend Obama was targeting the al-Qaida leader, has seen his own poll numbers achieve meltdown last week.

In what the Public Policy Polling group described as "one of the quickest rises and falls in the history of presidential politics" Trump's numbers collapsed from 26 percent in the polls to a mere 8 percent last week.

In a poll of Republican voters solely it appeared that The Donald may find himself better off telling people they're "fired" on his TV show The Apprentice.