Yesterday the Drudge Report - the website which has been the clearing house for the right wing's fever dreams for over a decade - ran a story that informed millions of its daily readers that PBS had edited a glaring error out of President Obama's job speech on Thursday.

Obama, a headlined article on Drudge's website claimed, had called Abraham Lincoln the founder of the Republican party. But guess what, said the link on drudge's site, that claim wasn't in PBS's official transcript.

'So PBS has purposely altered a transcript containing a major gaffe by the President,' claimed the report.

Naughty PBS, no funding should go to those pinkos, and no rice pudding neither.

But don't reach for the smelling salts just yet. It isn't true. The story that ran on Matt Drudge's report isn't true. At all.

That, of course, hasn't prevented Fox News from running it on their website right now. Because for conservatives, the desire to give PBS a black eye overrides other pesky considerations like professional standards and ethical journalism.

PBS published Obama's prepared remarks (the written ones) as opposed to his actual speech, where he introduced the part about Abraham Lincoln founding the GOP.

PBS is not responsible for Obama, or anyone, going off script. This was not a conspiracy or a coverup, and it's really just a new marker of hoe desperate the right have become to find some scandal - any scandal - with which to bring down Obama's presidency.

Frankly, in their enthusiasm for a victory - any victory - it was surprising to see them throw Lincoln under the bus too. But I don't know why I should be surprised by that, at this point.

By yesterday evening Drudge quietly pulled the report without issuing an apology, a correction or even an explanation.

I suppose we shouldn't expect clarity or an explanation if it's already tacitly understood what a website stands for.