If the GOP wants to talk about class war this week, then they should seek the opinion of the 99% of Americans they forgot to ask.

Let's start with you.

If you're like most other working Americans now you probably can't get a raise, or you can't get health insurance, or you can't get a pension, or you can't get a 401k, or you can't bargain collectively, or you can't get a mortgage, or you can't get social security,  or you can't get Medicare, or you can't get a student loan, or you can't a credit card, or you can't get a vacation - and you sure as hell can't get a financial bailout.

It's like there's no way out.

But the tycoons of Wall Street, the sacred heads of our banking and corporations who can walk between the rain drops on their way home to their gated communities, can get every item on that list - and then to thank us for bailing them out they can award themselves record breaking bonuses.


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America has slipped so far to the right these days that we can't tax billionaires at the same rate as the middle class, without the GOP screaming that we're becoming the Soviet Union.

And in one sense of course, we truly are. Last week, the US Census Bureau released new figures showing that nearly one in six Americans now lives in poverty — that's a record 46.2 million people.

The American poverty rate is the highest of any major industrialized nation, and many experts believe it could get worse.

But the GOP playbook this week will tell you that taxing the rich to address truly insane social inequalities equals class warfare. And bleeding the middle class of their last cent equals freedom, apparently.

The only real agenda in the Republican playbook is to reduce taxes still further for the "job creating rich." Never mind that for over a decade the job creators have not created any worthwhile jobs. The other pressing thing the GOP want to do is to prevent payroll taxes for the American worker.

What's that if not class warfare?

Not every person in the country knows that Americas rich are playing the least amount of taxes now in the history of the Republic. They need to learn this.

Because with help from the GOP Americas rich want your pension funds, your collective bargaining rights, your unions, your health insurance, your Medicare and your home.

And with help from the GOP they are going to get it.