Remember how the main Republican candidates all rushed to confirm to the press that God has inspired them to run in 2012?

To hear them tell it, Almighty God had taken time out of His busy schedule to make personal visits to their upscale homes to endorse them in person.

I'm talking about you Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

'I want you to be president of the United States,' God apparently told each of them, underlining the point that the maker of the universe supports the Republican agenda, whilst at the same time not letting on He was actually playing the field.

Well all that divine inspiration has come to naught, hasn't it? That's what He gets for His inability to pick one.

Not one of the candidates He spoke to succeeded. It's almost as if He might never have existed.

Whatever else we know about Mitt Romney, we know that he hasn't heard from God who His preferred candidate is. The truth is Romney hasn't heard from anyone that he's their preferred candidate.

So I don't think much of Romney's chances or of God's batting average. Maybe they'll want to skip H
is endorsement in 2016.