Megyn Kelly
While you've been busy getting on with your life the conservative news entertainment complex has been concocting conspiracies.

They're making increasingly absurd claims in a desperate effort to gain traction. Unable to successfully defeat Obama at the polls, or in public opinion, the conserve-o-sphere has finally been reduced to crafting B-movie sci-fi scenarios to inspire an utterly despairing base.

Here's this week's doozy: President Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda.

Wait, capital letters probably will make that more impactful: PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOW THE GLOBAL HEAD OF AL-QAEDA!!!

Infowars, the clearing house of cuckoo conservative conspiracy claims, posted the following news story this week:

'President Barack Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration's geopolitical objectives – while simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.'

Here we have a trifecta of the Birtherism/He's A Secret-Muslim/He Pals-Around-With-Terrorists axis of imaginary evil.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Alex Jones' Infowars site has stirred up racial animus 'to appeal to the fears of the anti-government Patriot movement.' His show regularly pulls in two million listeners (and more online followers than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh combined).

It's unclear now, and it will probably always be unclear, how cynical Infowars actually is in its ploy to terrify its listeners. But the passion this nonsense engenders in the most susceptible is already speaking for itself.

Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a fan of Jones' Infowars website. At first Jones acknowledged the fact but in recent days he has moved to distance himself from any association, saying the Boston bombing was actually one of a number of plots 'hatched' by the FBI and Chechen militants, among others.

That's right, Jones regularly asks Americans to believe that their own government is responsible for all of the worst terrorist attacks in the nation's history. So it's rather sad to see his brand of paranoid conspiracy theory being tried out on Fox News.

This week Fox News is apparently suggesting that the administration that killed Osama Bin Laden and much of al Qaeda's leadership is in fact composed of terrorist mollycoddlers.

Who needs Alex Jones when you have Megyn Kelly?

There's real danger in turning the president and the administration into unrecognizable caricatures. In their desire to seize power, the conservative media are now playing an especially dangerous game.