Yesterday New Jersey's Senate approved marriage equality for same sex couples. The bill passed by a wider than expected margin.

But Governor Chris Christie has promised to veto it when it comes to his desk on Thursday, contemptuously calling the vote ' a bunch of good theater.'

Theater? It's not theater to tens of thousands of constituents living in your own state, Governor. Their struggle for equal protection under the law should not be diminished so casually.

In stark contrast to Christie's high handed style, on the same day Washington State's governor Christine Gregoire signed a bill to make her state the seventh to permit same-sex couples to marry.

Clearly Christie isn't thinking past 2016, which doesn't bode well for the maturity of his vision on the national stage. By attempting to win this weeks news cycle he hasn't noticed that he's losing all the headlines to come.

That's the thing about standing in the way of history for gain rather than principle, it has such a short shelf date, and you're quickly left looking like yesterday's man.