The Palin family seem to have a gift for turning lemons into lemonade - or more precisely, into cold hard cash.

Yesterday we learned that Bristol Palin, Sarah's single mom daughter,  made an absolute fortune representing the Candie Foundation - a group that promotes sexual abstinence to teenagers.

Palin's 2009 tax return from the group were reported on by several media organizations - and now we know the going rate for an abstinence promoter these days: $262,000.

That's enough to make other teens consider following her do what I do, not what I say trajectory.

Palin is no longer in a relationship with her child's father, Levi Johnston.

Palin's work for the Candie Foundation included giving speeches and appearing on television shows and in advertisements to raise awareness about the potential perils of teenage pregnancy.

"If I can prevent even one girl from getting pregnant, I will feel a sense of accomplishment,"she told the press.

But then there's the contradictory message of how much she made lamenting her own decisions. It's the mixed message that has critics chattering.