Oh dear, again? It seems that the girl named after merry olde England's biggest shipbuilding center can't stay off Facebook - or out of the headlines.

Bristol Palin took to the social network on Saturday night to blast comedienne and former rival on Dancing With The Stars, Margaret Cho.

In a post snidely titled "“Cha-cha-cha to Cho-Cho-Cho," Palin took issue with a statement Cho made earlier this week on her website.

Cho had written: "Sarah supposedly blames Bristol harshly and openly (in the circles that I heard it from) for not winning the election, and so she told Bristol she 'owed' it to her to do DWTS so that 'America would fall in love with her again' and make it possible for Sarah Palin to run in 2012'."

On Saturday Bristol fired back: "Let me be blunt: my mom did not 'force' me to go on DWTS.  She did not ask me either.  The show approached me.  I thought about it.  I made the decision."

Then Palin took an opportunity to promote her conservative politics by making what appeared to be a snide reference to Cho's bisexuality: "You say you 'don't agree with the family's politics at all, but if you understood that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

I think we can all acknowledge that this isn't actually true. Current commonsense conservative values certainly do not support "the right of individuals" who aren't conservative - and lets face it, heterosexual, Christian and white.

But in the light of Palin's sister Willow's recent anti-gay tirade, also posted on Facebook, it's not surprising that people can also discern homophobia lurking in these words. Are these stock lesbian references in Palin's mind? If they are then they were a needless slur.