An Infowars 'reporter' read the riot act

Inforwars, the far right government conspiracy clearing house helmed by crackpot Alex Jones, and one of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s favorite sites on the internet as it happens, sent a 'reporter' to


this week in support of claims that the recent bombings had been the result of a so-called 'false flag' operation that was actually carried out by the

U.S. government.

That's right, they apparently believe the


bombed Boston.

On the day of the bombing Jones tweeted: 'This thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag,' adding that 'the FBI has been behind virtually every domestic terror plot in the US.'

You really don't want to take that garbage to Boston right now, there a tolerant lot but there's a limit, especially when they're still hurting from the recent bombing outrage that killed three, including an eight year old boy.

That's why a bystander who spots the Infowars dupe in the crowd reads him the riot act, including: 'The FBI is behind the bombing, that’s what you’re here to cover… Because the FBI blew up those people at the Boston Marathon? That’s right. That’s because you’re a dope. And what you say is dangerous and people like you shouldn’t be able to drive a car, much less espouse your opinions in public.'

I can't argue with those sentiments.

You may want to turn the volume down if you're watching this at work, the air turns blue quickly.