With an iPhone you can connect your friends and family, you can listen to your music, surf the web - and now you can become heterosexual too.

Who knew Apple now provides apps that can transform not just technology but your sexual orientation?

I have to hand it to Apple: that is probably the ultimate example of thinking differently.

But hold up, what am I taking about? I'm talking about Exodus International, the fringe evangelical group recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Group as a hate group.

Exodus have created a new iPhone app (now available at the App Store) that they say can help you gain - ah - "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ."

Ain't technology great? When Jesus meets the A4 chip apparently all things are possible. I just wonder what the download time will be?

I also wonder if we'll soon have an app that can change your eye color or perhaps your race even? If you can change your orientation with help from Jesus and Apple, why stop there? I see a whole new vista ahead of us.

Exodus say they can "change" your sexual orientation (or just curb it to the point where it's been basically eradicated) even though their quack psychology has been condemned by the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Counseling Association.

Hey, as they say, details.  

Apple is keeping really strange bedfellows. It really doesn't matter at all that they're all chaste. This stuff is just nuts. And it's targeting vulnerable teens at a time when the last thing they need is someone ostracizing and condemning them for decisions they probably haven't even made yet.

Steve Jobs needs to step up now. We don't condone racism, or sexism or sectarianism - so why should we condone an extremist anti-gay group selling their quack psychology on our phones?