Prominent blogger and political commentator Andrew Sullivan got to ask Maggie Gallagher, the leader of the conservative anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) the question he's always wanted to ask her his week: "What do you think that am I supposed to do with my life?"

Suppose, he asked, that he found himself in agreement with her. Suppose he concluded that same-sex marriage was corrosive to society. Should he leave his husband? Should he send his adopted daughter back to the state? Should he enter ex-gay therapy, which isn’t likely to work? Should he tell his whole family that he's single now, and that his husband Scott shouldn’t be welcome at family events? Should he live his whole life alone, and loveless? Should he hide? Where is the life he's supposed to live?

Gallagher’s very simple answer was: "I don’t know."

It's appalling to consider that she and her organization are fighting a tireless battle to ensure he doesn't achieve legal equality without giving a moments thought to the effect it would have on his life. God knows she's found it hard to prove what effect his being married has had on her either.