Take a look at this picture. These are the people fighting to 'protect' marriage in Albany this morning.

Form left to right it's a rogues gallery of anti-gay extremists. The man cut off on the left side is Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the Orthodox political player on record for calling gays 'moral terrorists' and for blaming them for the Haitian earthquake and even 9/11.

Couldn't get an appointment at the salon? Your stylist was probably busy cooking up another international outrage, apparently.

Levin is so extreme he actually defected from Carl Palidino's disastrous campaign after he apologized for hateful speech he made against gay people.

Standing next to Levin is the Reverend Duane Motley. Motley is Senior Lobbyist for the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, a man who recently gave a sermon calling this civil rights movement a war, with churches as recruiting stations, and the Bible as a weapon to pulverize his enemies.

"If you're going to get in this war, what do you have to do? There's two things you have to have in any war. Number one you have to have some soldiers. So in this culture war I'm talking about, the soldiers we need have to be Christians. Christians are the soldiers we're looking for. Number two, in a war you have to have weapons. But the weapons are a different kind than we are familiar with. These are not hardware, these are not guns and tanks and bombs planes and that sort of thing. The weapons in this war are words. They're ideas and actions in the public policy arena, where you seldom find Christians involved. We avoid public policy. Which we shouldn't.'

War, soldiers, weapons. What sort of Christianity does this individual think he represents?

'A soldier must know is what the mission is,' said Motley. The mission in this case is to defeat Satan's army.'

I suppose you should expect as much from a man who's surname was used by Shakespeare to denote a fool.

Next to Motley is Bishop Joseph Mattera. He's on record claiming that gays have a 'deathstyle.' That Adolf Hitler was pro-gay. That being gay is a 'choice.' And that tolerating gays is one of the five things that Satan wants you to do.

Enough said about Mattera.

Then there's Maggie Gallager herself, the woman who thinks being gay is a sexual dysfunction and a sin. She has made defeating every legal advance the gay community makes her life's work.

And to her right is newly minted spokesman David Tyree. Don't worry, I didn't know who he was either until NOM promoted him last week. Tyree believes that marriage equality for gays will lead to anarchy. Clearly he hasn't been to Connecticut in months. Tyree is consumed with the idea that gay people enjoying legal equality will affect his own marriage in unspecified ways.

These people are right wing anti-gay extremists. They're on record for being so. They are out of touch with the mainstream. Let's hope we don't hand them another victory today.