The hot ticket on Broadway this month is Dustin Lance Black's new play '8' about the bitter court battle (still ongoing) over California's Proposition 8.

The show will be performed as a fundraiser at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Sept. 19. Casting already includes Anthony Edwards, Morgan Freeman, Cheyenne Jackson, Christine Lahti, Rob Reiner, Yeardley Smith and Marisa Tomei.

Lance Black, the screenwriter for the Harvey Milk biopic starring Sean Prenn, spent months pouring over the trial transcripts and interviews, and the one night only show will be directed by Tony Award-winning actor and director Joe Mantello.

Naturally the religious right are already girding for a public relations battle: 'Obviously, if the radical homosexual activists are encouraging people to watch this play that they and their side of the issue have put together, it's not going to be kind to those of us who hold traditional family values,' wrote Jerry Cox, president of the Arkansas Family Council. 'I just couldn't imagine that it would cast any of us on this side of the debate in any kind of positive light.'

Calling gay people who advocate for their own equality by the intentionally scary term 'homosexual activists' rather than 'family' makes clear that Jerry Cox is reluctant to cast gay people in a positive light himself.

Expect the show to be sold out already - it looks like this is a debate that has lost none of its power.