400 Americans now have more wealth than half of all Americans combined. You read that right. To hear some observers tell it, we now have four hundred untouchable Mubaraks of our own who have more cash, more stock and more property than 155 million Americans combined.

The richest 1 percent have more wealth now than the bottom 95 percent combined.They're also enjoying the lowest tax rates in their lifetimes.

Here's a scale of the actual distribution of wealth in America (and it's not what most American's think it is).

Print this out and put it somewhere you can see it every day. America used to say that all men are created equal, but this is a chart that says, firmly and finally, that terms and conditions now apply to that statement.

Oh, and you work longer hours and more days for less legal holidays than any other developed nation. Now, back to the grindstone with you.