Archbishop Timothy Dolan has come out swinging against The New York Times, accusing it of anti-Catholic bias in two recent articles.

He is right.

Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice it seems to me in America. If the same comments that were made about Catholic religious figures were aimed at Rabbis, immams or Dali Lamas there would be widespread outrage.

You will not find such comments. Artists have been assassinated by crazed Muslims over depictions of the Prophet Muhammad after all.  

The two articles concerned were a review of an art exhibit which portrayed former beloved John Cardinal O'Connor as a condom and a review of a work called "The Divine Sister" which pokes fun at nuns.

"One of the posters in this 'must see' exhibit is of Cardinal O'Connor in the form af a condom referred to as a scumbag" Dolan wrote.

Actually O'Connor did amazing work for AIDS victims as Dolan points out, opening two AIDS units at New York Catholic hospitals to help care for them.

In the other one, Dolan says the play about  nuns "The Divine Sister" is full of "cheap laughs."

"These are nuns mocked, and held up for snickering" says Dolan.

The Times defends itself saying it is all in the name of art, but Dolan replied quite sensibly.

“Show me when you do this to the Islamic community, to the Jewish community, to the African American community" he said.

"They don't do it because they know it is out of bounds"

He's right you know.