So Jimmy Fallon is getting great reviews and numbers for attacking Robert Pattinson on his nightly show. Good for him.

The Irish-American late night host is getting quite a reputation by tapping into the teenage mindset and getting big audience numbers by clever use of social networking sites and especially, his spoofs of Robert Pattinson.

If you haven't seen Fallon's hilarious piss take of Pattinson in a tree then you need to get yourself to YouTube fast – it's very funny and dead on.

It’s about time someone deflated the Pattinson bubble. He is the most overrated “star” to appear on the Hollywood horizon for a generation.

He's the most annoying Brit since that blithering idiot Hugh Grant whose idea of acting resembled Michael Jackson's fake nose in terms of authentic skill.

Pattinson is the David Cassidy of the Partridge family for this generation – a meaningless, simpering little copycat imitator who has little acting talent and even less social graces.

Pattinson refusing to tip or lashing out at his fans is just the skim on the surface. This guy is a self-deluded, pompous, narcissistic idiot.

Cassidy was known as "no balls” and Pattison should be too – that kind of feminine look that attracts some seriously deluded women who are secretly afraid of men and may well be closet lesbians themselves.

Fallon gets him dead on by having him complain about Shark Week on Discovery Channel taking away from his own celebrity. For Robert, the world must stop while he's playing at vampires – and having five or six girlfriends on the side.

We all owe Fallon a great debt for exposing the hype, hyperbole and hoohaa that surrounds Pattinson.

Luckily his character got killed off in the “Harry Potter” series. If there was only the same outcome for Edward Cullen in “Twilight.”

Maybe Jimmy Fallon could have a skit where one of those sharks chews him slowly, starting with that ridiculous hairdo. Now that would be fun to watch.