James McAvoy, the Scottish-born star of X-Men: First Class, thinks his Irish co-star Michael Fassbender would make an excellent James Bond when the time comes to cast a new version of the British super-spy, currently portrayed by Daniel Craig.

The rising star Fassbender, born in Germany but raised in Killarney, Co. Kerry by his Irish mother and German father, is one of the names being bandied about as a possible future Bond; McAvoy is on the list as well. But Fassbender would shake and stir better than all of them, McAvoy contends.
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“Now Michael, there’s a man who would be the ideal replacement when Craig steps down. He does such a great job in X-Men evoking the sixties Bond era, with the clothes and the swagger and the attitude . . . it’d be a brave person to bet against him getting it down the line,” McAvoy told the Sunday World in Dublin last weekend.

“Plus an Irish Bond would make a nice change of pace. He could swap the martinis for real pints!”
Fassbender wouldn’t be the first Irish Bond, of course. Pierce Brosnan memorably played 007 four times, and his films garnered well in excess of $1.5 billion for the legendary franchise’s coffers.

McAvoy is doing the rounds promoting X-Men in Europe, and told the Sunday World of his enduring fondness for Ireland. His wife is the British actress Ann Marie Duff, whose parents emigrated to the U.K. from Ireland.

“I’ve a  big connection to Ireland thanks to my wife’s roots and we try and get over whenever we can. I’ve worked there so much in the past . . .  I’d just love to work there again,” he said.