On Sunday night, Dubliner, Mary Byrne was voted through to the next round of “The X Factor” thanks to Westlife.

The international superstar boyband, with hearts of gold, pain for Mary’s daughter Deborah to be flown over to London for the second weekend in a row to surprise her mother backstage.

“I walked into Louis Walsh's dressing room and there she was. We threw our arms around each other. I wasn't expecting to see her and it gave me the boost I needed to go out and sing my heart out," Byrne said on Sunday night.

Byrne performed George Harrison’s song “Something”, as covered by Shirley Bassey.

She said “I feel fabulous. That's the sort of song I love to do. I am a big woman and I love to have big songs belting out."

The week previously, sharp tongued judge, Simon Cowell had said Byrne was nothing more that a “pub singer”. But this week he was forced to eat his words.

He said “As annoying as this is, Louis did actually choose the right song for you…You sang it much better than last week. I tell you what, you have definitely got your confidence back."

Cheryl Cole, also a panel judge said “I think the beauty of you is that you sing with such experience because you've lived life."

Irish music mogul Louis Walsh, said “Mary's got her mojo back…Mary, I'm glad you've got your confidence back. That was very emotional, I believed every word. You love that song."

Byrne admitted that she had desperately missed her daughter. She said “I was missing Deborah terribly, especially around the time of my birthday, but I feel now I'm ready for the challenge ahead. In fact I feel like I'm ready to win.”