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The Irish star of ‘X Factor’ has finally returned home to Dublin for a hero’s welcome in her locality of Ballyfermot.

The Dublin woman visited her old job in Tesco for the first time in almost six months and was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans.

The 51-year-old singer said she doesn’t see herself returning to her old job as a check-out worker, but instead hopes to focus on singing.

Despite not winning the top prize on the show, the star has landed a record dead with Sony. Responding to news of a forthcoming album, she admitted: "I've been told by Louis and Simon that I'm going to make an album so hopefully they'll stick to their words and get me there."

Speaking after her return home that star said: "It was very emotional and I actually started crying, just because of the love that was there. I always knew Ballyfermot people were supportive but that was just beyond the call of duty. I knew every one of them in the crowd. It was brilliant. I really enjoyed it."

The singer has this advice for anyone thinking about a career in music

"Just wait until your feet are grounded and you know what you want in life. I do feel sorry for any young children that go in for it and I think their parents should make them wait.

The single mother admitted that she never thought the “X Factor” experience could be that tiring.

"I actually watched The X Factor for six years and I thought it looked great. I never realized the hard work, and the emotional toll it takes on you."

READ MORE- Mary Byrne signs record deal- SEE VIDEO