Demi Lovato

'The X Factor' USA judge - who spent time in rehab for substance abuse, eating disorders and self harm in 2010 - won't allow herself to enter a nightclub in case it makes her fall back into her old ways.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: "You have to be in a good mind space. I don't go out to clubs or anything like that because for me it's a trigger. I'm constantly doing things to better myself.

"It's hard to do on my own. I sometimes rely on my team around me; my friends and my family and my management. It's too much to handle already, and when you're in the public eye, it makes it twice as hard.
That's why, fortunately, I've surrounded myself with people I can trust to help me get through it. I feel like I can overcome anything."

Demi recently set up the Lovato Treatment Scholarship in memory of her father, Patrick Lovato, who passed away earlier this year.

She explained: "When my father passed away, it was something that was really, really difficult for me to get through.

"He suffered from mental illness and it alienated him from the outside world - even family members including myself.

"I'm partnering with CAST Recovery [a social-services agency] to provide treatment for people with addictions or mood disorders. I wish there was something I could have done when my dad was alive but unfortunately I couldn't so I'm doing everything now."