"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson says he loved his role as Pierce Brosnan's son in "Remember Me."

Pattinson, who plays college student Tyler, said it was the first time he'd been offered an edgy male lead.

"Initially, I remember reading the script and thinking ... um ... I like the flow of the dialogue and stuff," he said. "It was just different."

Pattinson, who goes back to playing Edward Cullen in "Twilight" later this year said Tyler had a certain "it" factor about him that he hadn't seen in many other leading male roles in current films.

"It seems like in a lot of ways main characters in other movies, when there is a young guy who is the lead he always seems like a vessel, [he] always [has] to be so naive and ridiculously innocent so the audience can feel that with [him] in the story," he explained. "Tyler didn't feel like that. He was a very specific character."