Susan Boyle will have her fill of Valentine's Day greetings this year no doubt, but no special man has as yet materialized.

Could it be that Susan will be unlucky in love?

It is a year since she climbed the highest mountain and took the world by storm -- but still nobody special has been linked to her. Believe me, the tabloids would have done their worst to find out if there was someone, but there has not been a peep.

Some may say it might not matter which is true, but for Susan herself it would be a wonderful way to see her happy.

Sure, there has been lots of talk and laughs about Piers Morgan but that was hardly ever a real option. Apart from a flirty kiss or two, they have their own lives to lead.

Simon Cowell is her champion but he has never indicated the slightest romantic interest -- besides judging by recent tabloid stories he has his hands full with his love life!

All we know is that she has gone out on a blind date or two arranged by her management, but we have not heard how they have turned out.

For a woman who sings so beautifully about love it would be a wonderful feeling for her to experience it too.

That is why our wish for her in 2010 is to find that special someone.

No one deserves it more on this St.Valentine's Day. Susan has dreamed the dream for millions world wide now it is time for her to live her own.