So we know the “Twilight” couple spend most of their time squirreled up in their London apartment eating weirdly flavored “crisps” (British for chips) but there’s lots of chatter on the Internet that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be making an appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars this year.

E! Online thinks they’ll be there too. Firstly, RPattz will have put in some practice in front of the paparazzi at the Berlin Film Festival, for the premiere of “Bel Ami”. And Kristen Stewart will be out and about promoting “Snow White and the Huntsman” by then too. It just makes sense!



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Hollywood Life also makes a good point, shouldn’t the Academy “be banging on Robsten’s door to make an appearance presenting, or otherwise.” We could not agree more!

As always, the actors’ reps are keeping their lips sealed tight but we can dream, right?!

The Oscar Academy Awards take place on 26th February.