The Facebook page “Dear SNL, Please Let Buddy the Elf Host the 2010 SNL Christmas Special” has already got 190,658 members but it’s still a long way to go before everyone’s favorite Will Ferrell character will be hosting the “Saturday Night Live” Christmas Special.

The Betty White campaign managed to raise half a million members but as Christmas approaches it seems that all may be lost. It seems a shame as Buddy the Elf has 5,841,226 likes on his own page. If only those who ‘like’ Buddy would see the error of their ways.

Also even if the fans get their fingers out and get the numbers up on their campaign there may be copyright issues surrounding the character as “The Elf” was made in at New Line Cinema and “Saturday Night Live” at MSNBC.

However the idea of a fictional character hosting the show is not an alien one. In 1985 Paul Reuben, playing the role of Pee Wee Herman hosted the Christmas Special.

It’s a shame that this might not happen because there would be no character more apt to spread Christmas cheer after a particularly gloomy winter.

For those of you who have been living under a rock here’s the trailer to “The Elf”: