Will Ferrell
The 45-year-old actor does not think he could run for public office in his native country, but if he did, he would like to promise every home they could have dairy produce which they could exchange as they wished.

He said: "I wouldn't be able to keep the talking points straight. You watch people in office and you realize they have to remember a lot of s**t.

"I would campaign on the platform of bringing back government cheese programmes. Every household would receive a wheel of cheese. Once a month. I'd allow people to exchange their cheese wheel if they wanted cottage cheese of yoghurt.

"My policies would always be rooted in some sort of dairy produce."

However, Will believes only good-looking people get into office these days, no matter how good their policies are.

He told ShortList magazine: "I think that if you have a basic mind for policy and the American public finds you charming to look at, then you're in.

"But if you have the most brilliant political brain yet you're the ugliest human being alive, with thick Coke-bottle glasses and a lisp you would never get elected."