Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell, the 'Knife Guys'
Jimmy Kimmel didn’t think he could just move up a time slot and not anger anyone, did he? Will Ferrell, with the help of Ryan Gosling and an array of knives, helped put Kimmel back in his place on Wednesday night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on ABC.

Kimmel made news this week when his late night talkshow got bumped up from the 12:00 midnight time slot to the 11:35 timeslot. However, it seems he inadvertently bumped into Ferrell’s ‘Knife Guys’ weekly QVC taping.

Ferrell comes out on stage unannounced, to the ‘surprise’ of Kimmel. The Irish American comedian is quick to explain that Kimmel should have checked the “sign-in sheet,” as Ferrell’s ‘Knife Guys’ has been holding that studio time for three months now.

“I have knives to sell, Kimmel!” yells Ferrell.

Ferrell continues on with his QVC bit selling the ‘Stabmaster 2200’ with the help of none other than Hollywood stud Ryan Gosling, who can all but keep a straight face during the bit.

Check out the hilarious video here!