The Walking Dead Season 3 - absolutely terrifying

I've gotta say I've been a big fan of "Walking Dead" and the season premier last night did not disappoint.  In perfect preparation for Halloween I spent a great deal of yesterday evening hiding behind a cushion on my couch, and it was awesome.

What I was surprised about was when Hershel suggested Beth sing a tune by Paddy O'Reilly. So the farming Greene family are Irish.I must say when Beth and Maggie launched into a harmony of the Irish ballad "The Parting Glass" I was about ready to cry.

Season three joins Rick, his family and the gang eight months on in the post apocalyptic world and things are getting tricky. Lori is about to give birth and then gang breaks in to a zombie infested prison to find shelter. Things are tense, zombies are rampant and the fighting would appear to be getting more gruesome.

I for one am hooked and happily Robert Kirkman, creator of the show, told the Rolling Stone "We haven't even really gotten to the good stuff from the comic book yet."