The 34-year-old daredevil died when his Porsche veered off the road, crashed into a tree and burst into flames on last Monday and now Wee-Man - real name Jason Acuna - has had his image etched onto his right leg, to prove how much he meant to him.

He said: "Yesterday I decided, after Ryan passed away, 'How can I do something for Ryan ?'

"Well, it's something he would probably do for any one of us if it was one of us in the situation. I'm going to get him tattooed on me."

The tattoo shows Ryan smoking a cigarette with the words 'Random Hero!' beneath it, but Wee-Man wishes he didn't have to get the etching.

He said: "I wish I was losing a bet and Dunn was still here and I got his face on me."

Upon hearing of Ryan's death, Wee-Man wrote on twitter that his pal was a "happy kick-ass dude".
He added: "I miss you bud."

Ryan's close friend Zachary Hartwell was also killed in the crash.