Coleen Rooney looks like she will reunite with soccer star Wayne shortly

English superstar Wayne Rooney, whose Irish grandparents emigrated to Liverpool, is in the middle of a tabloid frenzy since it was revealed he had sex with two prostitutes when his wife was pregnant with their son.

Rooney was held out of the Manchester United team on Saturday because of fears that opposing fans of his former team Everton would make life on the pitch hell for him.

Wayne and Coleen are said to have had a reconciliation meeting that went well.

"At the moment Coleen is coming across amazingly," said the friend to the Daily Mail.

‘She is dignified, she has said nothing, and she is carrying on, which is what she intends to do. Wayne has been on the phone begging to see her all week.

‘He didn’t want to face the music with his in-laws. There’s a lot of tension between them, and while Wayne was prepared to take abuse from Coleen, he wasn’t going to take it from her mum and dad.

"But he eventually got over that and said he had to see Coleen. She agreed to see him on Friday. "