All is well in Rooney camp.

Despite rumors of prostitutes, Manchester United player Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen Rooney are said to have thrown an over the top birthday party for their son at the weekend.

The party cost nearly $145,000.

It was their son Kai's first birthday.

They erected an enormous marquee at the back of their English mansion and invited everyone and anyone.

The theme of the party was Disney.

The couple hired extra security staff in case word got out about the party and uninvited gate crashers tried to attend.

All staff working the event were not allowed to carry cameras or phones with them in case they took pictures.

A source told the Daily Star, "Wayne has been targeted by hate mobs at the airport and at the gates of his own home."

And the party was a way for Rooney, who had fallen out with his club recently, to smooth out relationships with his team mates.

"Wayne was made up so many of his teammates turned up for Kai's big day," an insider said.