"Jonah Hex," set to hit the big screens on June 18, seems to have it all.

Serious acting talent (Brolin and Fassbender, as well as the one and only John Malkovich) and a hot chick with attitude (Megan Fox).

Sounds like a summer blockbuster to me! Jonah Hex (Brolin) is a bounty hunter who witnessed the death of his family and is hell bent on revenge.

Branded by the bad guys (Malkovich and Fassbender) Hex somehow survives death and lurks between the world of the dead and the living

He meets Fox in a brothel and she becomes his ally. Take a look at the trailer!

Jimmy Hayward directs the movie version of the DC Comics antihero, and it will be interesting to see what fans of the comic think of his stab at the story.

Another high profile flick for Fassbender, who is showing a varied range that is making him a very busy actor on the Hollywood scene.