When rumors that a celebrity rock singer's name was on the guest list surfaced in Derry last week, the press began scrambling for position at Bill Clinton's keynote address at the University of Ulster.

After a local journalist obtained a coveted list of the top level invited guests to hear the former president, he noticed one particularly famous name - Noel Gallagher.

Could it happen, he wondered? Could the Oasis frontman really be on the way to the University of Ulster to hear Clinton's thoughts on the North's strained economy?

The rumor was dampened quite a bit by the noticable non-arival of the notoriously tempremental singer/songwriter. Going into damage control mode a U.S. consulate staffer made a valiant attempt to nip the non-story in the bud before it spread any further.

"I can categorically state that the Noel Gallagher invited here is not the Oasis Noel Gallagher," he told the press. "The Noel Gallager's wo name is on the list is a local businessman."

Not that Clinton needed the added glamor. In fact he may be even more famous and sought after nowadays than at any point during his presidency. A team from America's NBC is currently traveling with Clinton around the world for a film about his life post-presidency. Wherever he goes he's attended by a media scrum.

"You couldn't move for cameras," one official said refering to the far from private meeting (that was billed as a private meeting) between Clinton, First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness before the keynote address.