She may be a knock out today but "Transformers" babe Megan Fox wasn't always so easy on the eye.

Like many teenagers Foxy suffered from acne and she still has the scars to prove it.

See picture above: you will have to look closely at her cheeks to notice the little pot marks.

It's kind of reassuring to know that Megan was one of the normal girls back in the day.

Now men drop at her feet, women wish they were her and movie executives want her in their movies to give it some spice.

But I'm sure Megan wasn't always so popular.

I'm wondering if she was ever called "pizza face" like so many acne faced teenagers.

Were kids cruel to her like they were to so many more?

Did she get bullied because of her problem or did she rise above it?

Either way the foxy lady did pretty well for herself!

Make up has been a great friend masking her scars but either way she probably doesn't need it.

She is drop dead gorgeous.

So young girls with acne.. don't despair.. If Megan Fox had it and became a mega super-star, you can too.