Tom Hardy
The 'Warrior' actor's beloved pet pooch recently passed away, and he and his three-year-old son Louis have been debating exactly what to do with the remains and Tom has been contemplating creating a cremation cushion.
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He said: "My dog and son recognise me no matter what. Actually, my dog's dead now so he won't. We had him cremated. There's a cardboard box of his ashes on our sofa that we're working out what to do with. I might put him in a pillow."

As well as having strong feelings about his departed canine companion, Tom – who is engaged to actress Charlotte Riley – admits eh is very loyal to his loved ones and he will "protect" anyone he cares about "to the death".

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, he explained: "There are two things that are great in my life. One is my family and the other is my work, and I will protect both to the death."