Paul Rudd
The 'Wanderlust' actor loves being able to serve drinks to his friends from the bar he has installed in his New York home.

He said: "I have a pub in my house in upstate New York.  It's totally free! That's the great thing about having your own pub."

Paul – who has son Jack, seven, and two-year-old daughter Darby with wife Julie Yaeger - admitted he "constantly works" at his marriage and thinks no two couples have the same sort of relationship as one another.

He added in an interview with America's GQ magazine: "I think most marriages, mine included, you're constantly tending the garden, constantly working at it.

"I mean, there are couples who have seen everything, and there are those couples who are, you know, swingers. People have all different kinds of marriages. Whatever works for you....

Everyone's on their own trip, man. That's a pretty hippie-sounding line right there. And then there's also Parisians. Which is a separate category."