Vanessa Hudgens

The actress is seen doing a sexy pole dancing routine for her role as Cindy Paulson in new film 'Frozen Ground', but she claims wild parties are not her style.

The role is second bad girl role role in a row for the 24-year-old after she played party-girl Candy, in 'Spring Breakers' earlier this year.

While her parents are happy with her risque choices Vanessa insists she is much different from the characters in her films.

She told the Metro newspaper: "My parents get it. They loved 'Spring Breakers' too, they think it should be shown in schools as an educational film.

"It's not my kind of thing, the Spring Break thing. If I want to go crazy I'll drink a bottle of wine and listen to really loud music at home. That's pretty much it.

"Throw me in a room with some really loud music and some cool lighting and I am a dancing queen."
When Vanessa isn't dancing at home, she is partial to music festivals and would love to attend England's legendary Glastonbury festival.

She said: "I love [music festival] Coachella. I go every year. I'm a music festival junkie. I was going to go [to Glastonbury Festival]  this year. I'd absolutely do the camping thing. I want to stay in a tepee so bad. I want to own a tepee!"