The United State's top WAG Claudine Keane
Robbie Keane’s wife, Claudine, is causing quite a stir in Los Angeles since she arrived last week. TMZ, the Irish press and even sports magazine have spotted Claudine and they are most certainly paying attention. 

The smart blond beauty is being hounded by Hollywood’s top agents but apparently she’s making sure that her family comes first now that they’ve shipped off to Tinsel town. 

Robbie has just signed up to play on the LA Galaxy team, alongside David Beckham and of course Claudine is already being compared to his wife, former pop star and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. 
Nine MSN are calling Claudine the “wag of the week”. They said that if the Galaxy’s can’t company to Premiere League teams at least they can “boast one of the game's hottest WAGs”. said “Now THAT’s a WAG” and went on to say “I don’t think Claudine will have a hard time fitting into Los Angeles. Well done Robbie.  Well done.”

Even TMZ have picked up on the Dublin beauty and the possible rivalry between Galaxy WAGs. 

Here’s the TMZ clip: