The 14 Street, Union Square subway stop in Manhattan is now offering an extra subway stop, especially for Harry Potter enthusiasts!

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) may have cut service throughout New York City in recent months but it seems they are now offering passengers a service to Hogwarts.

A maroon circle emblazoned with the number 9 ¾ has appeared on the south-side entrance to the Union Square subway station.

The sticker has taken the place of the “W” line which was suspended last June. The new sign is an exact copy of the MTA signage.

In the popular JK Rowling series students of the wizard school Hogwarts are advised to board their  train at platform 9 ¾  which doesn't exist in the muggles, non-magical world.

"We are not part of any sort of Potter campaign, but I've seen things like that before," MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told the Daily News.