U2's The Edge
U2’s lead guitarist, The Edge, showed himself to be an all round nice bloke this week when he saved a family of American tourists a lot of hassle.

The family returned to their hotel, Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, in Killiney, Dublin, only to realize that they’d has lost their backpage, which contained all of their passports. What a nightmare!

Low and behold, who happened to be walking by the train station, where they had left their bag? Nice-guy The Edge!

He picked up the backpack and noted the hotel’s address on the bag. He had the back delivered to the hotel and popped a signed copy of U2's CD inside with the inscription “Hope your journey ends well”.

The father of the family was delighted, being a massive U2 fan.

The hotel reception manager, Luighsighe Kenny, said "It was amazing because the father is such a huge U2 fan and went to see one of their live shows in the 80s."

"They didn't want really want to publicize it because The Edge had done it privately, but they said it was such a nice story that they agreed to put their photo on our Facebook page."

So there ye have it! If we've learned anything from this it is don't worry about keeping track of your belongs while vacationing in Ireland. A member of the largest band in the world will have your back!! What a story to come home with.

Safe travels. 

Here’s the shot: