Bono (REUTERS/Andina Agency/Handout)
Bono spent some time in Israel earlier this month and was obviously moved by his visit – so much so that he wrote a poem and sketched a drawing for the staff at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where he stayed.

The U2 frontman, equally known for his advocacy on behalf of the African poor, sketched a picture of a dog he called Hope. He characterized Jerusalem as a place where “hope springs eternal.”

Here’s what he wrote: "Hope is like a faithful dog, sometimes she runs ahead of me to check the future, to sniff it out and then I call to her: Hope, Hope, come here, and she comes to me. I pet her, she eats out of my hand and sometimes she stays behind, near some other hope maybe to sniff out whatever was.

“Then I call her my Despair. I call out to her. Here, my little Despair, come here and she comes and snuggles up, and again I call her Hope."

He signed his letter, "With great thanks for great room in great hotel in great city, Bono."

It’s likely that Bono’s wife Ali and their two sons Elijah and John were with them too, as the bottom of the picture contained their names.

Bono’s visit to Israel was under the radar until his note came to light.

Bono's handwritten note