The legendary 'With or Without You' rockers are headlining the British festival on June 24 and are hoping to get the chance to see one of their favourite bands play.

Bassist Adam Clayton said: "Elbow are on before us so hopefully I'll be able to see them from the side of the stage. They create a very special sound."

Adam added that it will be a "special moment" for the band to finally play the festival for the first time ever, after pulling out of its 40th anniversary celebrations last year after singer Bono needed to treatment for a back injury.

He added: "Really, since about 1985, we haven't done festivals at all because we've done our own big summer concerts.

"We haven't played the UK the last couple of summers so it'll be a special moment."

Although U2 have not performed at the festival as a band, Adam has played with the band Hothouse Flowers in 1989 and last year guitarist The Edge appeared with Muse to perform a version of U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name' in lieu of his own band's performance.