Speaking at the MTV awards show over the weekend, Taylor Lautner recalled about how he couldn’t escape the grip of Robert Pattinson’s lips, earlier this year.

The MTV reporter asked the ‘Twilight’ star: “I don’t know if you kissed, or were kissed by Mr. Robert Pattinson…”

To which he clarified: “I was definitely kissed by [Robert Pattinson].”
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He was speaking about Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s acceptance speech for the ‘Best Kiss’ award during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. When he audience cheered for the on-and-off screen stars to kiss, Pattinon responded by running into the audience and puckering with Lautner instead.

Lautner was at the awards show without the ‘Twilight’ crew to promote his new film ‘Abduction’, but he got little chance to talk to MTV about the new film and instead was questioned about the ubiquitous Robert Pattinson.

Here is a look at the original kiss: