Robert Pattinson has revealed that Kristen Stewart is obsessed with culinary TV programs and would watch them in-between takes on the set of the last two 'Twilight Saga' movies.

He said: "She's a nerd when it comes to cooking, especially on set. It was bizarre! She'd be in the trailer and the Cooking Channel was always on."


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Robert – who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the film franchise – admits he is very protective about his girlfriend and he won't tolerate people unfairly criticizing Kristen, who portrays Edward's lover Bella Swan in the movie series.

He explained: "I'm protective of anyone close to me. If people say anything about my family or friends, I feel protective and that's the one time I feel like I really have to do something about it."

Robert and Kristen have been in a relationship since 2008, but only publically admitted their romance last year.