Click here to visit Robert Pattinson's profile page have published a photograph of Robert Pattinson, taken by a fan on Christmas Eve in his hometown of London. RPatz, who plays Edward Cullen in “The Twilight Saga” doesn’t seems to be able to leave the house without getting snapped.

Recently while speaking to Now magazine he admitted that the press and fan attention has now gotten so intense that he can’t even go shopping for new clothes. He said that he often goes for days without changing his clothes as the paparazzi make it difficult for him to shop for new ones.

This summer Pattinson took a road trip across the country to visit his girlfriend Kristen Stewart on the set of “On the Road”. His journey was entirely tracked by Twitter users, Facebook and blogs. So much so that Pattinson would actually ask fans, who he greeted politely, to give him a head start before publishing his location online.

It seems strange that he, and Kristen Stewart, are so hounded while just last week Bono and the Edge, from U2, possibly one of the biggest bands in the world, took a train from Clare to Dublin without no dramatic publicity attached while Robert Pattinson can’t even go for a drink in London without it ending up on the Internet.

What do you think? Should the press and Pattinson’s fans should back off?

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