It seems that Robert Pattinson has gone on the run.

The actor left California after a boy's night out on Friday and stopped off in Arizona on Saturday. He then moved on the New Mexico. The group of guys were looking relaxed and Pattinson is still sporting his new beard.

Pattinson's location is being tracked via fans tweets across the country. On Sunday night he was spotted by a fan at Galisteo Bistro, in New Mexico. A waitress at the restaurant posted on her Facebook page that Pattinson was "very polite, quiet, undouchey and knows his wine."

On Monday night the road tripping vacationer was seen stopping in at a bar in Lubbock, Texas. Here he was pounced on again by some fans as he stopped to take some photos. He also stopped at IHOP and Jiffy Lube.

It is thought that he's taking the scenic route on his way to visit Kristen Stewart who's back on the set of "On the Road" in New Orleans. She'll arrive on set early next week.

It is absolutely insane that Robert Pattinson is now so famous and the internet's is so powerful that he can't even go to a Jiffy Lube without some twitter, posting or photographing the event.