It’s not quite what you’d expect from the well spoken, impossibly polite public school boy that is Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, from “Twilight” however he recently admitted that it was his teenage dream to launch a rap career.

Speaking to the Top of the Pops magazine he revealed that he still has some taped recordings of him freestyling.

“You want a secret? OK, how about this - I've got a whole collection of tapes of me rapping from when I was 13…I wanted to be a rapper so there are hundreds and hundreds of tapes. They're very amusing!” he told the magazine.

“Most of my rhymes were stolen off other people anyway. They were all like, 'I was raised on these streets', which was a complete farce because I was actually raised in quite a nice area of London called Barnes. Not very ghetto at all!

"I was obsessed with it all, though. I even had my own little crew - we called ourselves Big Tub and the Tappy Cats."

Although he has seemed quite nervous about performing music in the past he also revealed in the interview that would love to get the change to perform with Eminem.

He said "I'd love to rap with Eminem! That would be really amazing."

You never know in a couple of years there could be Rpatz albums featuring Eminem! The ultimate odd couple.